With Maintenance & Repairs Management, you save money on repair and administrative costs, increase productivity by minimizing payment and repair time and improve budgeting and planning with cost control and in-depth reporting.

Globexpert administrates your fleet and ensures that each vehicle is checked for current repairs and directly contacts the suppliers in order to identify the best prices for each spare part or service required by the fleet.

We know that your repairs are only as good as the repair provider. That’s why we inspect our suppliers’ repair facilities, audit repairs in process and review their business operations to ensure they’re giving you the best service and price.

We can offer a National wide network of repair facilities. We shall be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all the vehicles, allowing your staff to focus on the core activities of the business. Our fleet repair management is seamless from start to finish, including:

  • Coordinating receipt of documentation and photos
  • Following up on critical repair-cycle events to minimize vehicle downtime
  • Managing the rental process for replacement car
  • Negotiating rental recovery due to repair delays

We have efficient program to manage maintenance for your entire fleet these a comprehensive reporting and analysis giving us possibility to monitor and control repair costs.

We plan and effect scheduling, supervise the effected operations in order to ensure the services have been performed according to the terms agreed by the client and at standard parameters, or if this is necessary, we insist till the services are completed.

We are always at your disposal to offer you technical advice if necessary. We take care of all the details of the warranties and we maintain the vehicle sheets updated on a daily basis.