Qualified consulting covering all aspects of an optimal operating vehicle fleet: from the current status analysis to the creation and completion of a cost control strategy in order to produce savings that can be quantified both as money and time gains.

Fleet Audit

The Fleet Audit represents the independent and objective evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of your vehicle fleet management, while always considering your savings.

Based on a complete analysis, we shall provide accurate information and reports related to:

  • vehicle technical specifications & procurement
  • vehicle allocation, use & operation
  • vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle refueling
  • vehicle replacement cycle
  • financial and risk management
  • IT systems management and so on

Besides the activity analysis and the identification of the strong and weak points, we offer possible improvements and a plan of necessary actions and of suggested assistance.

Fleet safety

Globexpert possesses fleet administration system programs capable of analyzing and removing the risks for your business and delivery the best solutions on the market for:

  • management safety
  • inexperienced users training
  • periodical training for users
  • vehicle accident reports
  • accident causes analysis
  • risk resolution
  • prevention of the accidents through vehicle training and education of the drivers and of the staff
  • preventive maintenance of the vehicles

Development and implementation of the Car Policy

Methodology development regarding the procedures in case of an accident, staff formation, fuel use and costs reimbursing… all that should and that should not a user do regarding the company’s vehicles.

Vehicle selection & Financing options

We can help you to get the right vehicles at the right price without sacrificing safety or productivity. We can analyze your specifics requirements and we’ll negotiate the best incentives and help you plan proactively to acquire at the lowest possible cost these vehicles.

Noi putem sa va ajutam in fundamentarea analizei pe care vreti sa o faceti in identificarea celei mai bune solutii de achizitie pentru flota dvs., indiferent daca este o achizitie prin cumparare directa sau o achizitie prin leasing, indiferent de tipul lui, financiar sau operational. Pentru luarea unei astfel de decizii ai nevoie de un expert independent care sa aiba o foarte buna cunoastere a pietei de profil si a oportunitatilor care exista in relatia cu fiecare dintre acesti furnizori.

Este o decizie foarte importanta care va poate asigura solutia financiara ideala, cu un mix perfect intre costuri si avanataje, care sa va permita sa va concentrati resursele financiare catre adevaratul dvs domeniu de activitate.