If a driver gets involved in an accident or the vehicle is the subject of a theft, attempted theft or of an act of vandalism, what is the current procedure of your company for the efficient and effective response to such an incident?

The users cannot take time off their daily schedule to facilitate the repairs caused by the accident. The downtime of a vehicle and its removal from the production cycle represent losses for the company. Not to mention the stress to administrate the broken-down vehicle repairs.

Accident Management reduces the disruption which arises when one of your drivers is involved in an incident. We take care of all the administration relating to the claim and getting your vehicle back on the road. This leaves you and your team free to look after your business.

As you know the accidents happen from various reasons. The best solution is to prevent such undesirable situations, but if the event is happened, a rather complicated process must be carried out quickly. We offer you the best solutions to minimize costs, reduce risk and get your vehicles up and running again quickly. Our fleet accident management service covers everything from the first reporting of an accident to getting your vehicle back on the road, and includes managing and negotiating repairs where is possible.

We’ll help get your vehicles back on the road faster following an accident. Our vehicle accident management service takes care of all the details from start to finish – managing documentation, repair shop assignments and approvals, and provide subrogation services if needed.

We take care of all administration and keep everyone informed on the progress of repairs by email, text message and telephone.

24/7 driver assistance

When your driver calls us after an accident, our dedicated support team moves into action, handling all accident-related needs such as emergency assistance, vehicle towing, data capture, repair assistance and interim rental. It’s fast, reliable service when your drivers need it most.

Collision evaluation and authorization

Our customer team review, negotiate and make recommendations on vehicle repairs to ensure your vehicles are getting the right repairs at the best price.

Claims management support

We manage the relation with the insurer and offer the complete support to coordinate entire process of the claims insurance for the entire chain of activities.

Recording the data and safety management

Our reporting systems provide valuable analysis of the costs incurred and help identify future risk areas. We then work with you to identify and implement strategies to minimize these risks.