Optimization Services

Fleet Management Services

We provide support services to the main stakeholders involved in the work of the fleet for getting the most efficient solutions in achieving the objectives: Driver Safety, Mileage CONTROL, Cost Cutting


defensive driving trainings

Studies show the more experienced drivers determine a fleet which works in high safety conditions. We can help you to have this in your fleet, too.


Our defensive driving courses integrate the experience and expertise with traffic education programs and other services for drivers’ safety. We have developed specific solutions and strategies for safety driving. Thus, we can allocate specific tests to each driver and after that we identify major risks for each driver and allocate safety driving courses for covering their specific needs.


Our major objective is to improve all drivers driving abilities and skills.

route optimization

Current technologies  provide the full support needed to achieve all the objectives that any fleet manager expects to achieve for its fleet management performance.

     For attaining this goal the powerful tools are necessary that can provide all the data needed to optimize all parameters which compete with the efficiency of fleet administration.

  • Optimizing fuel consumption
  • User behaviors (Eco Management solutions)
  • Mileage optimization

We can even do much more for you.

We offer solutions for routes optimization and planning for users from sales area, which will bring 2 benefits: optimizing mileage and the possibility to reach customers faster, which can be reflected in increasing the sales volume.


  • Route optimization and planning
  • Activity Report
  • Monitoring associated costs
  • Product portfolio management and time-measurement documentation
  • Automatic reports from the monitoring process

Making other types of routes: itineraries and distributions of routes

gps monitoring

We realized that the GPS monitoring is a very useful tool for managing a fleet if it is used at its entire capacity. Usually this tool is not used to its entire value for various reasons. In fact, we put at your disposal an unified integration of this solution.

Our experts collect the necessary data, process them together with all the other data specific for your whole fleet and integrate them into a unique and complex report to obtain optimum results.  The information attained through our telematics solutions is very useful.

This telematic fleet system provides concrete, precise and accurate data – including GPS location, speed, engine performance, capture the fuel consumption, route optimization and maintenance plan. 

Our strategic approach to GPS monitoring is focused both in the directions of getting savings and related solutions so that all operations related to the fleet are optimally carried out. A close monitoring through these telematics solutions will make sure that users run vehicles safely and with optimum cost.

  • Optimizarea de rute și planificarea vizitelor
  • Monitorizarea cheltuielilor asociate
  • Rapoarte automate realizate în urma procesului de monitorizare
  • Raport de activitate
  • Managementul portofoliului de produse și documentației de măsurare a timpului
  • Realizarea altor tipuri de rute: itinerarii și distribuiri de rute

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